About Ashley

Ashley DuquetteI am a trauma therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Alexandria, VA. I received my Masters Degree in Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College Chicago in 2010. For the past decade I have worked with diverse populations, including positions for the City of Alexandria serving families and as a supervisor to in-home counselors in Richmond, VA. I have also worked extensively with adults and youth in an inpatient mental health hospital In Fredericksburg, VA. I have a background in leading therapeutic movement groups as well as teaching dance. My heart and passion goes into working with individuals to help them find connection, self-acceptance and trust in themselves.

In private practice I work with adults experiencing depression, anxiety, and interpersonal difficulties. My framework is person-centered, which allows for deep understanding, authenticity, warmth, and sometimes humor. I try to help clients see their blindspots while understanding the traumatic material behind their missed attempts at connection. I believe in the therapeutic process and its ability to create profound change. I enjoy walking people through that process and want to ensure that each person sees and feels the results of their efforts since therapy requires emotional work. I show up for our therapeutic relationship in a genuine and heart-felt way and I use different approaches to meet each individual’s needs and nuances.

The modalites I use include somatic-based mindfulness from my background as a dancer and dance/movement therapist. I also use evidence-based approaches to work through traumatic material. Techniques, such as EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and A.R.T Accelerated Resolution Therapy, which pioneers have developed from their understanding of the neurobiology of trauma, are powerful ways to not only heal negative memories, but also to resource internal strengths and positive external influences. I often integrate parts work into treatment when helpful. Parts or “selves” refer to the internal structures and adaptations that we develop to cope with experiences of loss, lack of safety, grief, shame, ruptures in relationship with caregivers, and other threats to well-being. Voice Dialogue offers a comprehensive way to not only understand these aspects of self, but to have an appreciation for them and a new way to approach life’s challenges.

My understanding of this work grows as I respond to clients’ needs without having all the “answers” but by being willing to be with difficult experiences with creativity and compassion. I take into account cultural & gender-based trauma and seek to provide good quality care for those I encounter. Feel free to read more about the services I provide. You can also request a free phone consultation by contacting me to further explore that topic together.

Therapy is an important investment in yourself. I am glad you are considering the next steps to move forward. I seek to provide people with relief and find hope. Many of my clients have previous therapy experience and are ready to engage in deep emotional processing. I enjoy working with people who are interested in developing more self-acceptance and self-love, which is the type of love you can share with those around you to create a more fulfilling life.