About Ashley

Ashley Duquette

I am a trauma therapist serving those located in Virginia and New York with a Masters Degree in Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy from Columbia College Chicago (2010). I have worked with diverse populations, including underserved youth and families for the City of Alexandria and as a supervisor for counselors treating disadvantaged communities in Richmond, VA. I have also worked extensively with adults and youth in an inpatient mental health hospital In Fredericksburg, VA. My background also includes leading therapeutic movement groups and teaching dance. My heart and passion goes into helping people find connection, self-love and trust in themselves.

In my practice, I work with experiential modalities to treat adults with depression, anxiety, persistent self-esteem issues, interpersonal difficulties, confusion around sexuality, feelings of isolation or alienation, problems with anger, lack of motivation, and pain/physical distress. My framework is person-centered, which allows for deep understanding, authenticity, and warmth. My intention is for people to feel seen and supported in a meaningful way. From this perspective, I help clients access their blindspots and work through the traumatic material behind their missed attempts at connection. I use kinesthetic (body-based) empathy and the power of the therapeutic relationship to guide the reparenting process. I want to ensure that each individual experiences the results of their efforts and feels noticeable gains from our time together. I trust the therapeutic process as a path towards profound change and personal growth.

One of the foundations of my work is somatic-based processing work. Body-focused work begins with awareness and non-judgment in order to move tension through the body, accessing and releasing unresolved feelings. Other evidence-based approaches, such as EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and A.R.T Accelerated Resolution Therapy are powerful ways to integrate painful memories. These modalities also rely on resourcing the personal strengths of each individual and the sense of safety and connection created by the therapeutic relationship.

I often integrate parts work into treatment. Parts or “selves” refer to the internal structures and adaptations that we develop to cope with emotional pain. Experiences of loss, abandonment, ruptures in the bond with caregivers, and other threats to well-being can distort our views of ourselves and the world. Working through these parts can help us heal from grief and shame, building a bridge towards something new. Voice Dialogue offers a comprehensive way to not only understand these aspects of self, but to have an appreciation for them. This work helps unburden from ways we get “stuck” and opens us up to more effective ways to face life’s challenges. Guiding people through this journey towards a sense freedom and connectedness involves a heart-centered, relational approach and is the corner stone of the work. I also acknowledge the pervasive presence of cultural, religious, racial & gender-based trauma and seek to provide quality, personalized care for those I serve.

Therapy is an important investment in yourself. I am glad you are considering the next steps to move forward. I seek to provide relief and help find hope. Most of my clients have previous therapy experience and are ready to engage in deep emotional processing. I tend to work with people who are interested in developing increased self-love in order to have a more fulfilling life. I believe it is important to find the right provider that fits your current needs. Therefore, I speak with each client prior to an initial session to learn more about why you are seeking treatment and what your goals are. I also answer any questions you may have about the process. Feel free to read more about the services I provide. You can also request a free phone consultation by contacting me to further explore that topic together.